Superintendent’s Report – November 2022

Framework for Enhancing Student Learning (FESL)

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Intellectual Development

Update on Psych-Ed Assessments by our School Psychologist

Assessments & needs:

  • 172 referrals with 38 not candidates for assessment
  • 134 referrals put forth from School-Based Teams and triaged from low to high in need to support establishment of schedule
  • 11 Community Living BC (High School Students)
  • Total 35-40 assessments will be carried out for 2022-2023
  • May lead to a Special Education designation of “Q”, which indicates a learning difficulty in a particular area

Numeracy Collaboration

New District Problem Solving Assessment Gr 3-5 Committee

Guided Reading Workshops

Guided Reading Lesson

Human & Social Development

Parent-Child Activity Night

Parent-Child Activity Night

Trauma-Informed Practice

CIVIX Canada – Student Vote BC

Nearly 60,000 students cast ballots in the CIVIX Canada Student Vote program for the 2022 local elections.  In total, 736 schools registered to participate and 485 schools submitted results.

According to CIVIX Canada, 456 students in 6 schools cast ballots from our school district.

The full results are available here and results specific to our district are available here.


Careers & Skill Development

We will be promoting a lesson each month for grade 5 teachers on the Digmore site.

Our goal is for each teacher to try at least one ADST lesson before the end of the year.

This month we will feature … String and Nail Art

Operations / HR

Barre Fitness classes are available to all staff, free of charge, every Wednesday (4:30-5:30 p.m.) at Margaret ‘Ma’ Murray Community School.

Barre Yoga Classes


Truth & Reconciliation

Upcoming Events:

  • Nov 15 –  Rock your Mocs
  • Nov 17 – Transition Coach & Support Teacher morning mtg. 
  • Nov 16 – Louis Riel Day / some provinces celebrate the 3rd Monday in Feb as Louis Riel Day 
  • Nov 23 – 26 Indspire Conference 
  • Nov 25 – NID – Health & Wellness
  • Dec 7 – ISSW/IYCW monthly meeting – full day 
  • Dec 15 – IE Advisory Council meeting

“Take 3”

Charlie Lake Elementary

Hula Hoop Girl

Amanda Panda, the Hula Hoop Girl, came to our school to entertain us.  Mr. Merhi and Mr. Clements joined her on stage for a hula hoop lesson as well.

Pumpkin Chuckin’ Event

We also had a catapult and trebuchet parent/child pumpkin chuckin’ event.  The intermediate students all learned how to make a catapult in class and then were allowed to build one with their families to compete in the pumpkin chuckin’ event.

The Beattie family built the trebuchet pictured below.  It is weighted with water on one side and then sling shots the pumpkin back over it.  It won with a distance of about 200 metres!

The Rivers-Bowerman family built the trebuchet pictured below and son, Davey, loads the pumpkin in preparation to chuck it.

Below are all of the family-built catapults and trebuchets.

It was really amazing!

Mrs. Shawna Hartman, Principal, Charlie Lake Elementary

Margaret ‘Ma’ Murray Community School

Our grades 4-6 students are learning the value of community with a leadership program called EarlyAct led by teachers, Mrs. Bracey and Mrs. Comber.

“We had heard that Meals on Wheels needed some help and we thought we’d help out” said teacher, Mrs. Bracey.  “That’s what we like to do at our school.  We do a lot of fundraising, but this is the first time we’ve raised for Meals on Wheels and it’s something we’d like to do annually.”

The group also involves itself with other projects like the hospital foundation’s Be An Angel campaign, writing cards to soldiers at Christmas, as well as fundraising for kids cancer, the Terry Fox Run and the SPCA.

Mrs. Kathy Scheck, Principal, MMMCS


Taylor Elementary

Annually students in Mrs. McDonell’s classes place a stone with a poppy painted on it on veteran’s graves. Approximately 16 graves had stones placed as part of the Remembrance Day ceremonies.

Robert Ogilvie Elementary

During their Remembrance Day assembly there was a presentation on some of the history of Canadian veterans and two classes presented poems to the entire school.

Some parents were in attendance and the ceremony was appreciated by all.

Dr. Stephen Petrucci, Superintendent/CEO