Superintendent’s Report – October 2021

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Framework for Enhancing Student Learning (FESL)

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Intellectual Development

Recent Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) results:

Reading –

Numeracy –

Learning Support Model and Funding

Phase 1 – Funding in September (Supplemental Ministry Funding plus District Education Funding) = $6.5 million

Phase 2 – Funding in September (Equity Funding) = $400,000

Phase 3 – Funding from November to June (for emerging needs or changes) = $100,000


Human & Social Development

The workshop below was recently offered for parents and several other workshops are planned for the 2021-2022 school year as well.

Charlie Lake Elementary was recently featured in the local news for its Food for Thought program, which encourages donations to cover meal costs for those students and families in need.  Click here to take you to the Energetic City news story.


SEL/Mental Health Wellness Worker

Menu of Support

School Wide Support

  • participate as an active member of the school-based team
  • provide mental health, wellness and/or social-emotional Pro-D for staff
  • facilitate whole school social-emotional and wellness initiatives
  • offer social-emotional and mental wellness groups and/or clubs
  • partake in team Threat and Risk Assessments as they arise
  • support transition process for students moving between grades and/or schools

Small Group Support

  • work with small groups of students with a focused common social-emotional goal that requires brief, targeted interventions

Individual & Family Support

  • provide individual and family counselling in times of crisis, with the focus on connecting the student and family to community services as appropriate
  • assist students and families in accessing community resources and services
  • liaise between school, home and community agencies
  • work collaboratively with the school team to develop and implement Individual Education Plans (IEPs), Behaviour Support Plans (BIPs) and/or Functional Behaviour Assessments (FBAs)
  • provide consulatation in identifying, placing and programming for students with complex mental health and behavioural challenges

Classroom Support

  • participate in the class review process
  • assist teachers in discovering and implementing regular and ongoing SEL opportunities into classroom routines (circle talks, check-in’s, mindful art, SEL themed books and discussions)
  • collaborate with teachers to provide targeted social-emotional support based on class review needs, which are grounded to the 5 SEL competencies
  • support the delivery of social-emotional curriculum and programs (EASE, Zones of Regulation, MindUp, TRIBES, Superflex, Strong Kids/Strong Start:  A Social & Emotional Learning Curriculum, Safe & Caring Schools:  Activities for Building Character and Social Emotional Learning, We Thinkers, Social Rules for Kids, etc.)


Career & Skill Development

International Students Program – Students recently visited Camp Cameron as part of their program and had a true Canadian experience!

Operations / HR

Professional Development

Several workshops are planned this Fall for staff including:

  • Guided Reading – September 29, October 14
  • Words Their Way – September 24, October 4
  • Regulation Strategies for Elementary Classrooms – October 22
  • TRIBES – A Classroom Approach to Building Class Community – October 22
  • Proficiency Benchmark Pilot K-5 – September-December
  • Teaching Fractions – October 26, December 7, January 18
  • “Thinking Classroom” Virtual Book Club – all year long

Also, several teachers took part in August workshops to help set their course for the school year:

SD60 Staffing + Enrollment Update 2021-2022

Truth & Reconciliation

Equity Scan – work continues on this initiative in this school year leading to an Action Plan

Glossary of Indigenous Terms

Source:  BC First Nations Land, Title, and Governance Teacher Resource Guide

(Copyright @ 2019, First Nations Education Steering Committee and First Nations Schools Association)


“Take 3”

Prespatou Elementary Secondary

1000 Pancakes + 1000 Sausages + 275 Drink Drink Boxes = 275 Happy Students

Glen Longley, Principal

Upper Pine Elem-Jr Secondary

Our school purchased three (3) bedrock diggers for our Primary playground.  Below are some of our kindergarten students having lots of fun!

Melody Braun, Principal


Student Vote Canada — collaborated with Elections Canada to give students across Canada the opportunity to practice and learn from the voting experience during the 2021 federal election.

As of September 1, 2021 there were already 5,000 schools participating from across Canada, which included 10 schools in School District No. 60 (Alwin Holland Elementary, Anne Roberts Young Elementary, Baldonnel Elementary, Bert Ambrose Elementary, C.M. Finch Elementary, Charlie Lake Elementary, Duncan Cran Elementary, École Central Elementary, Margaret ‘Ma’ Murray Community School, Prespatou Elem-Sec., Taylor Elementary, and Upper Halfway Elementary).

After learning about democracy and elections, researching the parties and platforms, and debating the future of the country, students from across Canada cast their ballots for the official candidates running in their school district’s electoral district.  Students ended up electing a Liberal minority government with the NDP as the official opposition.  The complete results, including results by electoral district and school can be found here.

Student Vote Canada – informational flyer