Superintendent’s Report – April 2020

** Please see COVID-19 Report that was shared to the public at the Committee of the Whole Meeting on April 6th.

*** Kindergarten registration continues on our district website ( Parents can now register electronically, if desired. See link below.

Framework for Enhancing Student Learning

Intellectual Development

Every school has made contact with their families and online learning has begun in various ways.  There are also many low-tech solutions out there, including sending out resources and activities for students and families.  Tech supports have been put into place to assist staff with this type of programming and the district is working directly with some families who need access to technology.

SD60 Recording Studio 

In cooperation with Russell Eggleston from “Sound in Town” and with teacher Ted Sloan coordinating, the district has set up a recording studio at the Key Learning Centre.  Recording of book readings has begun and they will be “livestreamed” at 10:00 a.m. each morning. Future content will also include diverse activities and presentations.  

Link for the livestream and previously recorded sessions:

Calendar Time with Mr. McColm

Message from Ms. Scheck at Margaret Ma Murray School:

Please see attached calendar time from kindergarten student Melody. Her family moved away over Spring Break, but can’t register there so she continues to be part of Mr. McColm’s class. She created this with her mom after watching Mr. McColm’s post to parents/students ….

Human & Social Development

Schools have been supporting students and families with creative food delivery programs.  A big thank you to our community supporters who have assisted with this process. The next phase of support will include strategic on-site service to small groups of students.  This has already begun for the children of Essential Services Workers and will be expanding to assist other essential services groups as well as students who require in-person support.  This will be done with the appropriate precautions and has been mandated by the Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the Provincial Health Officer. 

Here is a slide show of some of the ways we have come together as a school district and community over the last few weeks.  It is called “Silver Linings” and was put together by director Jarrod Bell.

Career & Skill Development

The Careers department has put together some terrific project videos for students and their families.  Here is a message from District Principal, Brian Campbell:

Hello everyone,

This week in Moneca’s Maker Space we have a project that is for everyone.  Adaptations of this project can be done not just for Elementary but for Middle School and High School as well.  You will also find a lesson in the description each week from Elaine McEachern.

We would love to see what our students have built!

Operations / HR

Four weeks ago, the district set up a number of key plans to guide us through these challenging times:

Pandemic Plan

Continuity of Operations Plan

Continuity of Learning Plan

Staff have been using these plans to adjust to the new physical distancing requirements with some employees working from home.  Several staff have signed up to help supervise the children of Essential Services Workers.  

Truth & Reconciliation

Attached to the public agenda is “Backgrounder #3”, which gives some information on the traditional laws and governance of Indigenous Peoples.

“Take 3”

Clearview Elem-Jr Secondary

Art teacher, Mrs. Viens, had grade 7/8 students create Zentangle art and grade 8/9 students create Haida art. Students learned about Haida and West Coast art along with the story-telling tradition. Clearview is currently focusing on learning the Beaver language, so the words are in Beaver rather than Haida.

Upper Halfway Elementary

Total Oilfield Rentals sponsored a hockey clinic for students. The day involved hockey skills, a BBQ lunch, skating and a game.

School Bus Drivers

Abe Wiebe is building bunkbeds for a new Bible Camp in Buick and Barb Scobie has been crocheting mats for the SPCA to send home with adopted kittens.

Shona Duff has been volunteering as a grocery delivery person to seniors and shut-ins in Hudson’s Hope.

Alana Copeland and Bailie Hambrook are delivering care packages for the Metis Society to their elders.

NPSS Staff: Missing our Students

NPSS Staff created a video of encouragement and letting the students know they miss them at the school.