Superintendent’s Report – June 2023

Framework for Enhancing Student Learning (FESL)

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Intellectual Development

SD60 Provincial Online Learning School

SD60 is one of 21 Provincial Online Learning Schools (POLS).  As this was a new development in educational delivery, the Ministry of Education & Child Care has created a guiding document for program delivery.

Accountability and Quality Assurance (AQA) for online Learning in BC

Co-created with Indigenous partners, rights-holders, and sector members, the Accountability and Quality Assurance (AQA) framework is rooted in continuous improvement and focused on enhancing student success.  The goal is to create equity of access and outcomes to high quality K-12 online learning experiences.  

The Accountability and Quality Assurance (AQA) framework comprises guiding principles, quality indicators, and accountability metrics that represent essential elements of successful online learning.

Human & Social Development

District Track Meet – June 8th, 2023

Duncan Cran Elementary hosted this year’s District Elementary Track and Field Meet.  There were 616 student athletes coming from 14 elementary schools.  With the help of school administrators from around the district and the Duncan Cran staff, there were over 85 adults in place to make this event happen. 

  • Most Points Overall — Anne Roberts Young Elementary School
  • Tony Adkins Trophy (Most Improved School) — Anne Roberts Young Elementary School
  • Grant Spelsberg Trophy – Ratio Winner — Clearview School

Individual Awards with most points:

  • Grade 3 Girls – Kinley Webb – Margaret Ma Murray
  • Grade 3 Boys – Ethan Andrews – CM Finch
  • Grade 4 Girls –  Kaeto Okafor – Bert Ambrose
  • Grade 4 Boys –  Bennett Loney – Anne Roberts Young
  • Grade 5 Girls –  Clara Sechrist – Bert Ambrose
  • Grade 5 Boys –  Sully Dicaire – Margaret Ma Murray
  • Grade 6 Girls –  Addison Ayre – Anne Roberts Young
  • Grade 6 Boys –  Levi Ekkel – CM Finch

Anne Roberts Young Elementary will be the host school for the 2024 DIstrict Track Meet.



Careers & Skill Development

Project Heavy Duty (PHD) – May 29 to June 2, 2023

PHD started in 2002 as a joint venture between School District 60 and local industry companies.  For over 20 years, PHD has offered opportunities for school district students to experience the skills and mindset of a real worksite.  PHD began with Richard Koop and Richard Sewell as the initial school district contacts and Donnie Goodbun as the industry liaison.  These individuals created a program where local companies donate the majority of the materials (from the heavy equipment, to the office building, to the fuel that runs the machines, etc.)   Professional operators teach and supervise the students operating multiple types of equipment from bulldozers, excavators, graders, packers and rock trucks.    

Working to get the project back and up and running to its former standard, Jeff Mayer (SD 60) and Tyrell Goodbun (industry liaison) coordinated this year’s event.  This year 16 students (7 females and 9 males) from all over our district were working at one of two sites for the week.  The main site was at the new Parkwood Southlands development by Ma Murray School.  Students were taught machinery skills by stripping and moving topsoil and then digging and moving clay to set a site for future development.  The second site was clearing trees on a private property, where students learned how to operate a feller buncher, skidder and wood processor.   At Parkwood Southland, Lead Operator and Site Supervisor, Tyrell Goodbun, worked in close conjunction with Parkwood Southland’s Project Manager, Brandi Conway, to ensure that students were focussed on the set goals of the overall project.  Of course, with just a week to work and learning continuously, PHD only completes a small piece of the larger project, but the experience the students gain is invaluable.  

School District 60 would like to thank all its sponsors for making this event happen for almost two decades.  Fort St John and its businesses really are a community that supports its students in the building of our future.  The operational costs of the project were approximately $30,000 per day and the value of the equipment used – some of it brand new – was approximately $8,000,000 dollars.  All of this was donated.  Looking forward to the upcoming 20th Annual PHD in 2024.  




Operations / HR



Better Together – Summer Workshops 2023

Optional workshops offer teachers professional development opportunities to support preparing for the upcoming school year.


Truth & Reconciliation

National Indigenous History Month

Imagery meanings

National Indigenous Peoples Day – June 21

For generations, many Indigenous groups and communities have celebrated their culture and heritage on June 21 or around that time of year, because of the significance of the summer solstice as the longest day of the year.

National Aboriginal Day, now National Indigenous Peoples Day, was announced in 1996 by then Governor General of Canada, Roméo LeBlanc, through the Proclamation Declaring June 21 of Each Year as National Aboriginal Day

National Indigenous Peoples Day is part of the Celebrate Canada program, which also includes Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day on June 24, Canadian Multiculturalism Day on June 27 and Canada Day on July 1.



Indigenous Day Activities — Hudson’s Hope School

Miss Lannie and her amazing crew of chefs worked diligently all morning to provide a fantastic lunch to the school and to our guests.  Thank you!  Finally, a big thank you to Mrs. Beebe for working so hard to organize a very fun afternoon!

Derrek Beam, Principal, Hudson’s Hope Elem-Secondary School


Indigenous Graduation Celebration – June 8th, 2023


“Take 3”

Hudson’s Hope Elementary Secondary School

Passion Projects –

Our students showed off their passions in fine fashion!  It was very enjoyable to see the different areas of student interest, as well as the enthusiastic presentations.  A big thank you to our staff and students for working so hard to put together a great event.  It was great to see so many parents and community members!

Congratulations to Claire Gilliss (above “Artist”) … she auctioned off her artwork and raised $233 to donate to the Friend’s of Hudson’s Hope!


Skateboarding Lessons – June 15, 2023

A big thank you to Cole Andrews and his crew for giving our grade 5/6/9 students the opportunity to learn some introductory skateboarding skills!  Our students had a fantastic time at the arena.  Thank you to Cambrian Energy for sponsoring this event and for the free skateboards!  Go HAWKS Go!

Derrek Beam, Principal, Hudson’s Hope Elem-Sec School

Buick Creek Elementary School

Buick Creek Elementary School went on a field trip to the WAC Bennett Dam to learn all about hydro power and BC Hydro’s role in the province.  

The day was full of excitement, great learning experiences and exploration. 

A great time was had by all!

Sean Thomas, Principal, Buick Creek Elementary


Dr. Kearney Middle School

HONK!  A Musical Comedy is a modern adaptation of the 1843 Hans Christian Anderson story ‘The Ugly Duckling’, incorporating a message of tolerance between scenes of hilarious misadventure.  The  hero is Ugly, a bird born different and rejected by everyone except his mother Ida.  Will he succeed in getting back home or will he be caught by the nefarious tomcat?  There was only one way to find out and that was by seeing it at the North Peace Cultural Center from June 1st to 3rd!