Superintendent’s Report – February 2022

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Framework for Enhancing Student Learning (FESL)

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Intellectual Development

Working with Shelley Moore

The Leadership Team, composed of our principals, vice-principals and senior staff, continue our work with Shelley Moore on supporting our Learning Support Model.  Since the summer advance, we have had three sessions with the latest one on February 15th, 2022.  As planning for a diverse group of students is very complex, we are learning about new approaches that align with our class review process and Universal Design for Learning.  Below is an example of a classroom support plan and an important conceptual plan of the difference between Forward Design and Backward Design.

Classroom Support Plan 2020

Backward Design

Resources and Learning for SD60

This website hosts all the learning sessions and resources on our work with Shelley Moore.


BC Schizophrenia Society’s Youth Program

“Kids in Control is an 8-week program with once a week, 1.5-hour sessions. The Teens in Control workshop is a 2-day, 2-hour workshop held over a 1-week period.  We have new programs offered each month and our intake is ongoing.  Our online groups have been a great success with small group sizes.  Before each group, we mail emotion regulation tool kits and craft supplies to each child to use in the program and keep afterwards.

Referrals to our programs can come from parents, school personnel, doctors, community agencies, social workers, counsellors, family caregivers and other clinicians;  youth ages 14+ can self-refer.  Once a referral is made, our intake coordinator will contact the family to ensure the program is a good fit for their child.  We ask that if you are not the legal guardian that you have a conversation with the legal guardian prior to making the referral.  Our team will ensure that all consents are in place prior to starting services.”

Human & Social Development

Parent Workshop

Career & Skill Development

Meet Makers Making Change



Kelvin Lass, a Grade 12 student at Prespatou Elementary Junior Secondary School, finished the first project on the CNC Plasma Cutter.  It took him a couple of weeks to learn the program and test the machine out.  He created the cow by himself and had to learn how to direct the machine to cut out each line separately.                       

Glen Longley, Principal, Prespatou Elem-Jr Secondary

Operations / HR

Our District’s “Before And After School Care Program” is offering a Spring Break Program at Duncan Cran Elementary School …


Truth & Reconciliation

LEA Update

DRFN & SD60 Heritage and Language Education Subcommittee

  • Establish and maintain effective practices of collaboration and consultation between DRFN and SD60 in the development and appropriate inclusion of curriculum, dedicated events, and cultural expression in the schools of SD 60

Four Indigenous Courses 

  • Looking for self-paced training to help better your understanding of Indigenous cultures, peoples, and world views?  Here are four free university classes:  classes run between 4 to 12 weeks and require 2 to 4 hours of dedicated time per week to complete. 

University of British Columbia – Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education   

University of Alberta – Indigenous Canada

University of Toronto – Aboriginal Worldviews and Education

Columbia University – Indigenous People’s Rights              


“Take 3”

Taylor Elementary

CAREER DAY – February 9th

Thank you to SD#60 Career Education for organizing our Taylor School Career Day!   The Grade 4-5 and Grade 5-6 classes participated in Career Day on February 9th!   As well, thank you to all the volunteers, including the International students that volunteered.

Nancy Maxfield, Principal, Taylor Elementary


HAPPY LITERACY DAY!  (Article from the ‘Alaska Highway News”, Dave Lueneberg, Jan. 27, 2022)

As part of National Literacy Week, January 27 has been set aside as Literacy Day.  To celebrate the day, School District No. 60 Superintendent of Schools, Stephen Petrucci, says schools were encouraged to come up with activities for students that were both educational, like reading challenges, to fun activities like dressing up in favourite book characters.

In the case of Taylor Elementary, students came to school this morning for an event billboarded as Read & Feed Pyjama Day.    “We’re starting our morning off in our pyjamas and our amazing school PAC is making us a pancake breakfast,” said 10-year-old Axel Caldwell, a leadership student in Leah Austin’s Grade 4/5 class.

With some guidance from staff, leadership students help to plan out and even create events like this.  Besides reading, students also played board games.    “This activity encourages us to work together, read instructions and follow the rules of the game,” said Peyton Bruvold, 10, another leadership student representing the class.

The school also gave out prizes when certain books were chosen by a particular student for reading, like a book with a one-word title or one from a series.

Below, Carleigh Niemi (grade 1), curls up with a book during the “Read & Feed Pyjama Day” at Taylor Elementary.



Charlie Lake Elementary

Mrs. McCabe and Mrs. Chartrand’s classes delivered Valentine cards to the seniors at Peace Lutheran Care Home and they fundraised to take supplies to the SPCA as well.  Well done Lakers!

Shawna Hartman, Principal, Charlie Lake Elementary

Hudson’s Hope Elementary & Junior Secondary

ADST (Applied Design, Skills & Technology) – Metal Roses

Derrek Beam, Principal, Hudson’s Hope Elementary Junior Secondary