Superintendent’s Report – September 2020

The PAC at Bert Ambrose Elementary had this sign ready to welcome students back on September 10th.

**  Additional updates related to COVID-19 can be found on our district website.  

Update on Enrollment – as of September 16th (still in flux):

  • Brick and Mortar Schools – 5843
  • Projections from Spring – 6050
  • Students “in transition” – 140
  • Homeschooling – unknown at this point

Approximate in-person attendance levels:  96%

Key Learning Center (Distributed Learning)

  • 325 FTE Elementary (100 local, 225 from out of district – and growing)
  • 90 Secondary (not all full-time) – This is still developing and is a mix of local and out-of-district students
  • Out-of-district registrations for K-9 will now be waitlisted in order to ensure the delivery of programming. Local students will continue to be able to register

Framework for Enhancing Student Learning

Intellectual Development

Assessment – In both formal and informal ways, assessment occurs throughout the year both in the classroom and through District collections. We were unable to carry out district-wide assessments in the Spring due to Covid and will be collecting assessment this fall in the areas of numeracy and literacy. This will enable schools to get a better sense of some of the gaps that have developed over the last six months and prioritize resources and programming accordingly.

Thinking Classrooms – a thinking classroom is a structure and approach where students work collaboratively solving rich tasks carefully designed to meet the learning standards.

* 21 teachers in primary have signed up to work with Adam Fox this year

Support for learning during transition back to school – Beginning the week of September 21st, District Learning Services will be providing a weekly learning plan for those families wanting more time before returning to their school. The plan will entail links, resources and activities with a focus on numeracy, literacy and social development, tailored to primary, intermediate and middle school curriculum. These plans will be shared out to the families from their home school along with other classroom and school communications.

Buick Creek School – We are excited to see the new learning model at Buick Creek School up and running. Teachers from the Key Learning Center travel out to the community four days a week to provide instruction and support to 22 students ranging in grades from K-9. Along with EA support, a weekly StrongStart and administration oversight from the KEY, the community school has a full complement of educational services.

Buick Creek students in their gymnasium.

Human & Social Development

SEL (Social Emotional Learning)

  • A series of Professional Development sessions, that will be offered throughout the year, developed by the district SEL/Counselling team around SEL and mental health wellness of students (session made available prior to welcoming students back September 8). First session focused on re-connecting with students and building strong, intentional relationships.
  • A series of staff wellness sessions developed and being offered to staff throughout the year (first session theme is managing change).
  • 0.8 extra district SEL/counselling FTE hired specifically to support SEL/mental health initiatives designed to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 related issues.
  • A series of parenting seminars will be held throughout the year (via Zoom and in person) designed to help parents navigate issues associated with parenting in general as well as specifics psycho/educational sessions specific to addressing parenting issues associated with COVID-19.
  • Development/compilation of SEL/mental health wellness resources made available online to parents and teachers.

Operations / HR

Federal Safe Return to Class Fund – School District No. 60 is set to receive $2.3 million over the course of this school year as part of a federal program to assist schools during COVID. Further information on this fund was attached to the public board documentation and a board motion this evening will set out the parameters of this allocation.

Staff workshops on social emotional well-being … this one held on September 17th on the topic of managing change.

New Teacher Orientation

Staff take new teachers on a tour of the region.

New teachers visit Anne Roberts Young Elementary School.

Future Upgrades to Upper Halfway School – As the district looks at upgrades and potential building enhancements to Upper Halfway School, Facilities staff, Trustees and the community have made recent visits to the school.

Tour of Upper Halfway School grounds by drone.

Truth & Reconciliation

This school year, SD60 is pleased to carry out an Equity Scan, which will solicit feedback from the community and lay the foundation for an equity action plan to enhance services to our Indigenous families. This process is guided by the Ministry of Education and carried out by a District working group. A link to the guiding document on this process is available below.

Backgrounder #5

Below is a link to some background information on the leadership structures of Indigenous peoples.

“Take 3”

Facebook message welcoming students on their first day of school …
School logo on the gym floor