Superintendent’s Report – May 2024

Framework for Enhancing Student Learning (FESL)

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Intellectual Development

“Learning Pathways” from the Ministry of Education & Child Care

BC Learning Pathways is an ongoing series of resources that support teachers in developing students’ literacy and numeracy skills in all learning areas.  The resources demonstrate how literacy and numeracy are connected with the entire K-12 curriculum, with all forms of classroom and provincial assessment, and with student reporting.  Collectively, the resources support teachers in developing students who can think critically about the world around them, communicate their ideas and information clearly and authentically, and demonstrate their personal and social competencies in a meaningful way.

BC Learning Pathways include:


Human & Social Development

Dynamic Influence Visits Schools in School District No. 60 – April 23-25, 2024

Thanks to the financial and organizational support of DPAC, most students in SD60 were able to attend a presentation from Dynamic Influence.  These presentations were a reminder of how to navigate the dangers and challenges of Social Media.


Careers & Skill Development

Skills Canada’s Inspire Program 

Moneca Conway, in collaboration with Skills Canada BC, delivered the Inspire Program throughout the month of March in School District 60 Peace River North. The initiative aims to inspire students to explore careers in the trades and technology fields, fostering awareness and interest in apprenticeship pathways.

Inspire! is a dynamic, one-hour, in-school program designed by Skills Canada BC. The program engages students through hands-on, group-based trades and technology activities, complemented by compelling video content. The goal is to encourage students to consider careers in fields they may not have otherwise explored.

Skills Canada BC is committed to reaching students in remote regions, targeting Grade 5 and 6 students with the Inspire! program. Through in-class presentations, Moneca will deliver an interactive and informative experience, promoting a better understanding of the diverse career opportunities available in the trades and technology sectors.

As part of the program, educators and students will gain access to valuable resources that enhance classroom learning. These resources include curriculum materials and activities, providing practical tools to further support career exploration within the trades and technology fields.

To learn more about the Inspire! program, please visit

About Skills Canada BC:

Skills Canada BC is a non-profit organization that actively promotes careers in the trades and technologies to British Columbia’s youth. Through various programs and initiatives, Skills Canada BC aims to inspire and engage students, educators, and industry partners in the pursuit of excellence in skilled trades and technology education.



Operations / HR

May 6-10 marked National Mental Health Week. 

All staff play a crucial role in supporting the mental well-being of our students and each other.

This year’s theme is Healing Through Compassion because #CompassionConnects (

Links to resources that may be helpful to staff:

We would like to remind everyone that there is a district subscription to EdCan that all staff have access to:

 We highly encourage all staff to create an online account to gain unlimited access to Education Canada Magazine’s vast online article archives and podcast episodes exploring every facet of Canadian public education and adult wellness. To gain access to all these resources,  create an account using your address. 

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Support for Fort Nelson School District

Staff have mobilized to support the Fort Nelson School District in a number of ways.  Our Tech Services have set them up with connectivity in room 100 at the Board Office.  We have provided avenues for financial capacity, billeting of families and school-based activities for school-aged students.  We will continue to support them through this unprecedented challenge.


Support for Doig River First Nation

Staff are reaching out to the families that have been affected by the evacuation.  As this situation develops, we will be supporting the families and the 22 students that attend our schools.



Truth & Reconciliation

Fire Boot Camp

Fort St. John, BC – May 10, 2024 – Fort St John and FNESS (First Nations’ Emergency Services Society of British Columbia) recently collaborated to organize a Fire Boot Camp for students of School District 60. The event, held on April 30th and May 1st, 2024 aimed to empower the next generation with essential fire safety knowledge and skills.

The Fire Boot Camp, hosted at the Fort St John Fire Department brought together enthusiastic students from across the School District 60. Throughout the 2 day  program, participants engaged in hands-on activities, interactive demonstrations, and educational sessions led by experienced firefighters and emergency service professionals.

“We are thrilled to partner with FNESS to offer this unique opportunity to the students of School District 60,” said Brian Campbell, District Principal of Careers . “Fire safety education is crucial, and by hosting events like the Fire Boot Camp, we can instill important life-saving skills and knowledge in our youth.”


About FNESS 

FNESS evolved from the Society of Native Indian Fire Fighters of BC (SNIFF), which was established in 1986. SNIFF’s initial objectives were to help reduce the number of fire-related deaths on First Nation reserves, but changed its emphasis to incorporate a greater spectrum of emergency services. In 1994, SNIFF changed its name to First Nations’ Emergency Services Society of BC to reflect its growing diversity of services provided.

Website –


History of major milestones in Indigenous partnerships as we prepare for full implementation of Bill 40



“Take 3”

North Peace Secondary School

Check out the captivating photos from our recent field trip to Northern Lights College (NLC) in Dawson Creek!  Approximately sixty (60) students from NPSS shop classes embarked on an enriching full day tour of two distinct NLC trades facilities and were introduced to the variety of trades options available to students through the SD60 Dual Credit Program.

Krista Peregoodoff, Vice-Principal, North Peace Secondary School



Baldonnel Elementary School

Treasure Island Play

Fred Rogers once said that “Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning.  But for children, play is serious learning!”

At Baldonnel, we wanted to give our students the chance to participate and play.  We decided to do something a bit different this year by doing our first ever theatre production.  Drama and theatre education gives children many positive experiences; helps improve academic learning, helps improve self-confidence, develops oral language skills, creativity, self-esteem, boosts reading skills, nurtures self-expression, resilience, peer interactions, emotional regulation, helps build critical listening skills and fosters whole-person growth, and supporting peers, learning the ability to work together and so much more.

For two and a half months, students were working on learning songs, building props, designing sets, auditioning, learning lines and staging, learning how to project their voice and to organize how to set up the props on stage.  We had behind-the-scenes help and support, many prop workshops and practices.

We are all so proud of all our students and their hard work.  What we do is always for our students to give them experiences to help them learn and grow.  Many excellent leadership skills were learned.  The confidence our students gained in being a part of this production is immeasurable.

Thank you to all of the staff and parents that helped to get our production up and running.  Thank you for all the help on the day of the play and cleaning up.  Thank you to maintenance for bringing our sets and props to the Cultural Center and picking them back up afterwards.  Many thanks to all of the families that came to see the play and for their generous donations.  We were able to give the PAC $2,613.85 in donations towards the new playground.  A true community endeavor!

Christine Todd, Principal, Baldonnel Elementary


Hudson’s Hope Elem-Jr Secondary School

Thank you to Tina Jeffrey, John Herrington, Sean Bailie, Miah Gonwick, Stephanie Gonwick, Royce Stark, Joe Carruthers, Brandon Atherton & Joe Morrison for sharing great safety information, fun activities, and career information.  Oh, and of course some fun “bucket rides”.  Our students were very engaged the entire time!

More pictures can be seen on our school website as well ….

Derrek Beam, Principal, Hudson’s Hope Elem-Jr Secondary