Superintendent’s Report – April 2023

Framework for Enhancing Student Learning (FESL)

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Intellectual Development

Framework Review 2023

After reviewing learning evidence data and school framework plans over the course of the year with various stakeholders, staff are drafting revisions to the current district FESL.  While some progress has been made in terms of overall graduation rates, there was a decline in graduation success for our Indigenous students.  One of the key sources of this decline and a key challenge across the district in the intermediate and middle years, is our student achievement in numeracy.  Moving forward, school and district plans as well as the allocation of resources will be aligned to address this challenge.

One of the anchor resources that is being piloted in several schools is called “Mathology”, which is available in English and French for the elementary levels.

Regional Science Fair 2023

Organized by the Northern BC Regional Science Fair Committee, many SD60 students participated in the regional competition and were successful.

Hello Everyone,
I have attached the Award Winners List from the Regional Science Fair.  Over $4500 in cash awards was given out, plus the trips for 4 students ($2000 each) to represent our region at the Canada-Wide Science Fair in Edmonton, which shows the tremendous support we have from our sponsors.  We hope that your students had a great day at the fair.  We hope that we will have more schools and students attending the fair next year.  Thank you to all of you for your work to prepare students to attend the Regional Science Fair.  This Science Fair wouldn’t happen without all of your work with students in your schools.  If any of you are willing to join the committee to help put on the fair next year, please let us know.
Kevin Frankham, Vice-President, Northern BC Regional Science Fair Committee

Human & Social Development

Aquatics Outreach Program for Inclusion 

Goal is to provide support to staff, EA’s, teachers and resource teachers for students with special needs in aquatic therapy/ aquatics programs both in a group format and individually.

Over the course of two days last month, thirteen SD60 students participated. As part of the programming leading up to the activities, more than ten Educational Assistants were trained to support and many families of these particular students joined in.

The aquatic therapists from Sunny Hill Health Centre worked alongside PT/OT to support students in the pool. They addressed the families/students goals and made suggestions alongside the students’ interests in the water. Play was a focus.

  • Students were seen in group as well as individually at the public pool.  If they were seen as a part of the group, each student EA had individual time with the aquatics therapist and accompanying PT/OT. 


  • 2 school groups- DKMS and NPSS have resource classrooms attending the pool on a weekly basis. The students on PT/OT caseload were accompanied with their EA’s (and parents) to the pool. Education to EA’s and support staff was also provided for individual student needs.


  • Students were also seen individually at the CDC therapy pool and suggestions + education was provided.


  • A lot of fun was had — many laughs and lots of incredible spirit.


  • Students with higher incidence physical disabilities were empowered to complete and learn skills that have otherwise been very hard for them or impossible to learn. These students benefited from individualized programming that could be incorporated into a classic public swim lesson. 


  • Students with low incidence physical disabilities were able to relax in the water and there was freedom of movement as well as strength and range of motion that was built. These students were supported with a variety of aquatic equipment to support their altered muscle tone. They will benefit from individualized programming and suggestions that would not be considered appropriate for classic style group swim lessons.


  • Everyone was participating in fun physical activity and physical fitness — building social connections, muscle strength and endurance as well as swim skills.


  • PT/OT and aquatic therapists were present at each session.


  • Aquatics therapists will be providing written support for SD60 staff and families to provided continued support to students.


  • PT/OT met with Fort St. John pool staff and discussed future training for pool staff in providing support and education for swim lessons and school staff regarding supporting kids with special needs. There was high interest from this group.


  • Parent and staff feedback was very positive. 


Support for Students to Participate in Cross-Country Skiing

With support from the Provincial Affordability Fund, many classes participated in cross-country ski activities at Beatton Provincial Park.  Now that the site has a new ski chalet courtesy of the Whiskey Jack Club, classes were also able to carry out instructional and fun activities inside the facility as well.  Volunteers from the Whiskey Jack Club assisted staff and students in selecting their equipment and providing basic lessons to get them started.  We extend our gratitude especially to Eliza Stanford who assisted with most of the classes.  Below is a picture a class from Margaret Ma Murray Community School.  The District is hoping to support more of these activities next year with some of the carry-over from the Affordability Fund.

Careers & Skill Development

Skills Canada Regional Competition – March 5th, 2023

Many SD60 students took part in the regional competition hosted in Dawson Creek.  Prior to the event, they had qualified locally as being top in their category.  Please see the list of winners below:

ADST Projects in SD60:   Emphasis on Grade 5

As part of the District Framework Goals, each month from now until the end of the school year, we will be highlighting one ADST project from the Digmore site.

All videos and lessons can be found here on the Digmore site.

The ADST video will also have numeracy or literacy lessons to support it.  Grade 5 classes are encouraged to do as many as possible, but at least one before the end of the year.

This month will be Cranky Contraptions

More information on the BC ADST Curriculum can be found here.


Operations / HR

Employment Opportunities for 2023/24:  Teaching & Support Staff



Truth & Reconciliation

Visit to the Blueberry First Nations Community  —   On March 16th, District and School staff attended a dinner with parents in the Blueberry community.  We participated in a game of Bingo and enjoyed our conversations with the parents and Blueberry staff.



“Take 3”

Bert Ambrose Elementary

Our annual Student Conference was held on Friday, March 17th, 2023.  The morning starts with a keynote address — this year Kurtis Lee and several other players from the FSJ Huskies hockey team spoke about the importance of TEAMWORK.  Students then participated in 3 different one-hour sessions throughout the day in multi-age groupings.  Mrs. Lee and her class served up a special Leprechaun Lunch (hot dog, juice box & shamrock cookie) as a fundraiser for their upcoming camp experience.  Extra excitement was a visit from our friendly Leprechaun delivering candies to all of the students.  It was an amazing day filled with fun and laughter — a perfect way to transition to Spring Break.  A special thank you to Mrs. Stewart and Ms. Mervyn for all of their organization to make this a wonderful day for our school community.  Below are a few photos of some of the different sessions:

Laurie Wright, Principal, Bert Ambrose Elementary

C. M. Finch Elementary

Dance Residency – March 13-17, 2023

We were happy to welcome Mrs. Pomeroy to our school for a Dance Residency, which was sponsored by our school PAC the week prior to the Spring Break.

Mrs. Pomeroy worked with all of our students throughout the week and helped us host a Family Dance on Thursday, March 16th in the evening.

The event was well attended and everyone had a great time.  We look forward to working with Mrs. Pomeroy again in the future.

Troy Lang, Principal, C.M. Finch Elementary


Buick Creek Elementary


Christine Mann, Vice-Principal, Key Learning Centre & Buick Creek Elementary