Superintendent’s Report – November 2021

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Framework for Enhancing Student Learning (FESL)

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Intellectual Development

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Human & Social Development

More parent workshops in SD60 . . .

The Fort St John Firefighters Charitable Society spearheaded a social media challenge to raise funds for our SD60 Breakfast Programs …. with their donation, local businesses and citizen donations, they were able to raise over $12,000.00.  Thank you to our local firefighters and to everyone who donated!

Career & Skill Development

Careers Newsletter – November 2021

Skills Canada – Virtual Public Speaking Challenge 2021

Operations / HR

Upcoming Professional Development on “Thinking Classrooms” and “Number Sense” …

Truth & Reconciliation

Decolonizing our Library Catalogue Information in our district

There is a movement within the library community to decolonize access to and classification of library materials.  The Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action included recommendations that apply to libraries and the CFLA-FCAB (Canadian Federation of Library Associations) Truth and Reconciliation Committee fleshed these out to more detailed recommendations that we can take guidance from.

To us at SD60, this mainly means that Library Technicians are updating catalogue records to remove outdated terminology and to replace it with more currently accepted terms.   One example is to remove the Library of Congress’ subject heading “Indians of North America” and replacing it with “Indigenous peoples”.   We are also working on removing Anglicized names for Indigenous peoples and replacing them with the currently accepted terms, like replacing “Okanagan Indians” with “Sylix” and removing “Indians” from subject headings like “Suquamish Indians”.

In making these changes, we stand on the shoulders of those at the Greater Vancouver Public Library and the Association of Manitoba Archives who have developed standardized alternatives to Library of Congress subject headings related to Indigenous peoples.  We also consult other resources such as band websites and academic writings.

This is ongoing work and there are thousands of changes to be made;  we are continually updating headings and records as we come across them.

SD60 Library Services


Alwin Holland Elementary

On September 29th, Dale Boissonneault (our Indigenous Counsellor) and three ELC students led the school in a drum circle as part of Orange Shirt Day and the National Truth & Reconciliation Day.

The drum circle represents balance and equality, wholeness and connection.  The older students circled the younger students to protect them as part of the Alwin Holland Elementary family.

“Take 3”

Dr. Kearney Middle School

Hallowe’en Haunted House – DKMS students raised $3,700 for the school’s theatre program and donated over 1,200 food items to the Fort St. John Women’s Resource Society through its haunted house.

Approximately 65 students and 15 staff were involved (& a lot of parents as well), preparations began two weeks before the event, and it is believed that approximately 5,000 people went through the haunted house.

Link to the full Energetic City’s News Article.

Sheldon Steele, Principal

Indigenous Education Center

O’Canada being sung by Bert Ambrose Elementary students and sisters, Leah and Bailey Gauvin-Mayes, in both Cree and English languages for Remembrance Day.

Pat Jansen, Principal

Taylor Elementary School

Mrs. McDonell’s Grade 3 class singing “A Wish for Peace” at the school’s Remembrance Day presentation on November 10th ….

Taylor Elementary – Remembrance Day Assembly

“No Stone Left Alone” Memorial Foundation Initiative
Also Mrs. McDonell’s class visited the Peace Valley Cemetery to place poppy-painted rocks on the headstones of World War veterans who have been laid to rest in the community.
The visit was part of our school’s Remembrance Day teachings, as well as the No Stone Left Alone initiative, which aims to honour the sacrifice and service of Canada’s military by educating students and placing poppies on the headstones of veterans every November.
On our Taylor Elementary School Facebook page, you can see the album with 23 + photos –
Nancy Maxfield, Principal