December Report

Framework for Enhancing Student Learning

Intellectual Development

Curriculum With Technology (CWT):  Please click on the link here to view student examples and short movie clips.  The program has evolved to support not only improved quantity and quality of writing but also many other curriculum areas.  It is a 1:1 iPad program for grade 6 students across the district and has been instrumental in implementing the Universal Design For Learning framework.

Hudson’s Hope Science Fair:  “Our School Science Fair was once again a fantastic event.  It is truly amazing to watch our grade three to six students share their projects with their peers, parents, and judges.  I greatly enjoy observing how each child’s confidence grows as they present to different audiences.  A big thank you to our teachers and support staff for their guidance, and of course to parents for supporting your child(ren).  We had a great turnout of parents, relatives, and community members to our Fair! Also a big thank you to our many volunteer judges”.  Derrek Beam – Principal.  Further information can be found on the school website.

Human & Social Development

Here is a Courage/Bravery board from Taylor Elementary School.  Students in all classes have been discussing what it means to be brave and coming up with examples that are posted on the tree.  The bear comes from the Indigenous Seven Guiding Principles common in many communities.  In addition to the board, teachers integrate the topics into writing activities.

Career & Skill Development

Please see the attached NOP Skills Training Support Agreement – Final 2018-19. This is a report that summarizes how career education and trades training programs are supported by industry, district and ministry funding.  The report includes information from the neighbouring districts of Fort Nelson and Dawson Creek.


The construction on Anne Roberts Young Elementary School is proceeding full steam ahead.  There are many multi-use and shared spaces that will be part of this project.  Please see the attached memo that describes these spaces and partnerships.

“Take 3”

This section is dedicated to three great activities or events that have taken place over the last month around the district.

This is a picture of a Bert Ambrose student taking part in the Equine Assisted Learning project.  This program supports students with behavioral challenges and is a cooperative effort with the Indigenous Education Centre.

“A really cool event at Upper Pine – Wheelchair basketball with parents and teachers versus students. Our student teacher (who is personally in a wheelchair) brought them in as a way to introduce students to the challenges faced by a person in a wheelchair and how that does not need to stop you from participating in every day school events. A video was made by the teacher as the students were playing, the students are now creating their own inclusion videos”. Mrs Braun.

This is an Artist in Residence program at Charlie Lake Elementary School.  Local artist Mrs Haugen workshopped students in the art of Print-Making.

Truth & Reconciliation

Administrators learning about local Indigenous history with Sandra Apsassin.  This is part of an ongoing effort to learn more about the local history and look ahead to constructive and respectful partnerships.

Achievement Updates

Graduation Rates For SD60

Student Learning Survey 2018-19:  Grade 12 students:  Are you satisfied that school is preparing you for a job in the future?