Superintendent’s Report – December 2023

Framework for Enhancing Student Learning (FESL)

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Renewal of Board Strategic Plan

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Your input will help shape the direction of School District 60:


Intellectual Development

The Ministry of Education & Child Care recently provided graduation results to districts. 

Below is the graph for SD60 up to June 2023.  In addition to these results, our students who have received English Language Learning Support are also at a record high 72%.


Human & Social Development

Real Acts of Caring Week 2024

Dear Dr. Stephen Petrucci, 

My name is Jennifer Hu and I am in grade 11 and attend Charles Best Secondary School in the Coquitlam School District.  

I am involved in student leadership and am very interested in promoting RAC (Real Acts of Caring) Week which will be February 11-17, 2024.  RAC was created by grade 4 and 5 students in the Coquitlam School District in 2005 and is about doing something caring and kind and not expecting anything back.  This year, RAC Week is taking on an Mental Health and Wellness focus.  

We are now trying to get as many students in BC as possible to participate in RAC Week as we have done in the past.  Please check out our RAC website at for RAC ideas.  



Careers & Skill Development


Operations / HR

“Deck the Halls” Activity at Robert Ogilvie Elementary – is an annual staff activity where the staff spend an evening together preparing the school for the festive season.

Another great Deck the Halls.

Staff had a good time and the kids were thrilled that next morning.

One student said, “This is the best day ever!” – Principal Orcutt



Northern BC Rural Practicum Placement Awards

In collaboration with the Northern Recruitment & Retention Pilot working group, the Ministry of Education and Child Care is excited to launch the Northern BC Rural Practicum Placement Awards. The goal of this award program is to encourage teacher candidates to complete their summative practicum in northern BC to support interprovincial movement of teachers while increasing the visibility of BC’s amazing northern communities and the work and lifestyle opportunities they offer. Funding for this initiative is provided through the StrongerBC Future Ready Action Plan which is intended to support targeted initiatives for the recruitment and retention of teachers in rural and remote areas. This award program is being delivered as a pilot for winter/spring 2024, and the outcome of the pilot will help inform an approach for future years.

A total of 33 awards of $8,000 each are available to teacher candidates who choose to complete a practicum in one of the 10 participating northern school districts (see below).

Participating School Districts

SD27 Cariboo-ChilcotinSD60 Peace River North
SD28 QuesnelSD81 Fort Nelson
SD49 Central CoastSD87 Stikine
SD50 Haida GwaiiSD91 Nechako Lakes
SD59 Peace River SouthSD92 Nisga’a


Audit Workshop for SD60 Leadership

All SD60 leaders took part in professional development workshops related to the audit process on Monday, December 11th.   It began with a secondary focus in the morning followed by a K-9 session in the afternoon.  Principals and Vice-Principals reviewed files with our presenter, who contracts with the Ministry of Education & Child Care as the lead auditor.  There will also be a follow-up virtual workshop for our leaders in online education programs. 


Truth & Reconciliation

Bill 40:  Delivering on The BC Tripartite Education Agreement (BCTEA) and the Declaration Act Action Plan (DAAP) Commitments.  

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Summary documents are also provided in the public agenda package that explain the 3 areas being addressed:

  1. Model Template for Local Education Agreements (LEAs)
  2. Requirement for Indigenous Education Councils (IECs)
  3. Requirement to accommodate First Nations School of Choice

SD60 is already in full compliance with respect to these three areas.


“Take 3”

Baldonnel Elementary

This year is the 100 year anniversary for Baldonnel Community having schools in the area.  Baldonnel Elementary School has been in its current building for 40 years. Students did a slide show and acting presentation on the many ways students would get to school over a 100 year time period.

Some of the following information is from the slide show presentation put on by the students:

  • The First Baldonnel School was a log house school. It was later turned into a high school when the primary school was built. The log building no longer exists. The Baldonnel Primary School was built in 1942. You can still see the building. The Trevor Forrest family now live in it just down the road from the current school today. In the 40’s the school had a play area and a barn.
  • Many teachers lived with their students’ families. Some lived in the family home. Others lived in boarding houses owned by local families.
  • Some teachers lived in a teacherage in very remote areas. Teacherages are homes for teachers built right on the school grounds.
  • Until the 1940’s poor roads and an unsophisticated communication system kept remote communities isolated from the rest of the province. Teachers, prior to the 1940’s who worked in the more remote parts of the province were unable to easily visit or phone friends and family;  most teachers had to rely on mailing letters home. The improved roads and communication system after the 1940’s greatly reduced teachers’ isolation from hometown family and friends resulting in the assumption made by teachers in later years that commuting would not be a problem.
  • Daily commuting for early teachers was often an adventure as many, especially in the remote areas would have to walk, cycle or ride horseback on trails shared by wild animals and the occasional stray cow. Snowshoes were one way of getting to school. Even horses had snowshoes.
  • Cross Country skiing was another way of getting to school. Skis were made of wood with leather straps.
  • By the 1940’s cars were a more common sight and many teachers owned a vehicle, or car pooled or used public transportation. Increased urbanization also made it easier for children to travel to school with the distance from home to school being accomplished in a short walk or school bus ride to school.

“Teaching & Learning in BC”

Click on the above link to see a presentation put together by Elaine McEachern, a former student of Baldonnel School and now a teacher there.

Christine Todd, Principal, Baldonnel Elementary


Margaret ‘Ma’ Murray Community School

Our grade 5/6 classes participated in learning about the “7 Sacred Teachings”, natural dying of fabric, sewing the patches together and learning some Cree words.

Kathy Scheck, Principal, Margaret ‘Ma’ Murray Community School


Bert Ambrose Elementary

The following is a message from Bert Ambrose Elementary’s PAC President, Shanessa Porter …

The Importance of PAC Engagement for Bert Ambrose Community

PAC has been hard at work, at Bert Ambrose Elementary, this school year. Bringing events to the students and families with hopes of creating memories with their loved ones, of sparking joy, and strengthening the bond of the community within the walls of our school.

This month, we hosted a Holiday Craft, Cookies + Cocoa Event for our families. We wanted a fun and exciting way to have our families engaged, sitting around tables, chatting, laughing, and creating together. And, with the holidays around the corner, there was no better excuse for a craft night, kicking off the Christmas season, and spirit, with the chance to make donations to local seniors.

We had approximately 120 attendees at our event! Filling the gym with warmth, smiles, creativity, and happy children! It was an incredible turnout, and it was absolutely amazing to see so many families coming together, breaking bread (or cookies in this case), enjoying each other’s company. A wonderful start to the holidays, at Bert Ambrose.

For the upcoming months, PAC has many free activities planned for our Bert Ambrose families, such as a Family Literacy Day Event in January, and a Family Valentine’s Day Dance and Bake Sale! It is especially important, to us, to have our families making connections within our school, finding their sense of community and belonging, and building foundations for strong relationships amongst their friends and family units. Doing this monthly, really gives us a chance at strengthening those connections; allowing for better friendships, deeper understanding and acceptance, and a sense of comradery amongst peers, both in school and out.

As a child, personally, I remember being the happiest at school. I remember how hard our teachers and PAC worked to make school feel fun, engaging, and overall, like I had a spot to belong in the world. My wish, for my role as PAC president, is to provide that same love of school community, to our students, at Bert Ambrose Elementary; offering them a chance to make fun lasting memories at school, while being affordable, inclusive, and exciting. A real full circle experience, I feel honoured to be taking part in.

Take Care and Be Kind,

Shanessa Porter, PAC President, Bert Ambrose Elementary

Laurie Wright, Principal, Bert Ambrose Elementary