Superintendent’s Report – November 2023

Framework for Enhancing Student Learning (FESL)

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Renewal of Board Strategic Plan

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Intellectual Development

Province-Wide implementation of K-9 Proficiency Scale for Learning Updates

The use of scales and rubrics is not new to SD60.  Through the province-wide mandate, all schools in the province have moved to this process and language.  More information for parents can be found here


Memory Project – North Peace Secondary School

The Memory Project ( is a youth arts organization dedicated to fostering intercultural understanding and kindness through the medium of art.

The Art & Activism 11 class at NPSS crafted twenty-two (22) portraits that were intended for children in Cameroon.  The following document provides more details on this project and offers a heartwarming  video from the children who received their portraits:


Human & Social Development

Remembrance Day

Assemblies were carried out across the District on Friday, November 10th. 

I attended the one at Margaret ‘Ma’ Murray Community School. 

Below is the slide deck that was used during the assembly and also a wonderful video of grade 1 testimonials about what they think about when they see a poppy.

MMMCS_Remembrance Day Service_Nov 10, 2023

What do you think about when you see a poppy?


E.A.S.E. – (Everyday Anxiety Strategies for Educators)



Careers & Skill Development



Operations / HR

Monthly “Art Hub” for Staff:

SD60 teachers, Alex Richards (with support from the PRNTA) and Brenda Birley, will be hosting a monthly ‘Art Hub’ in the Boardroom at the Board Office.  This is open to any and all staff district-wide.  Wednesday, October 25 was their first get-together.  Brenda led the activity (watercolour!) and Alex  provided some resources for the classroom based on the Social Justice theme of the month, which is Mental Health and Well Being.   

Following is the poster for the upcoming session on Wednesday, November 29:


Leadership Academy 2023-24

This academy kicked off on November 7th and will continue into the new year. 

We have 15 candidates who will be working with the senior leadership team on the following topics:

  • Introduction to Models and Ethics in Leadership
  • School Culture & Communication
  • Leading for Equity & Inclusion
  • Data, Vision & Planning
  • Difficult Conversations & Managing People
  • Change Game – a leadership activity led by SD59 senior leadership


School District 60 Food Program Coordinator
SD60 is pleased to welcome Nancy Burchell as our District Food Program Coordinator.  With previous food program experience in our District, she will be working with all our schools to build capacity in the area of meals, menus, and logistics.  This position is part of the ongoing Food Security Fund, provided by the Ministry of Education & Child Care.  Our annual allocation is approximately 800K.  In consultation with school leadership, all schools have received funds for food and staffing.


Truth & Reconciliation


Equity Scan in SD60




“Take 3”

Dr. Kearney Middle School

Mr. Boissonneault and students from Dr. Kearney Middle School organized a haunted house fundraiser for the FSJ Women’s Resource Centre, which turned out to be a spooktacular event!

The attention to detail, from the decorations to the spooky costumes worn by the student actors, was truly remarkable.

It was a fantastic spooky experience that successfully raised funds for a great cause!

Chris Nock, Principal, Dr. Kearney Middle School


Learning Services

Six of our SD60 students attended the CLVP (Children’s Low Vision Project of BC) Low-Vision Clinic in October with their parents.

Students checked out room viewing systems, different magnification devices, and monoculars.  Many of the low-tech devices were lent to students to take home or to school.   The optometrist and ophthalmologist were able to spend time with our Learning Services team, answering questions and discussing the student’s eye condition.

Thank you to SD 60 and PRCVI (Provincial Resource Center for the Visually Impaired) for making this happen!

Keith MacGillivray, District Principal – Learning Services


Taylor Elementary

No Stone Left Alone Memorial Foundation is dedicated to honouring and remembering Canada’s veterans.  Our unique ceremony provides students and youth with an authentic experience that creates knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of those who serve and of the sacrifice of Canada’s fallen.

Nancy Maxfield, Principal, Taylor Elementary