Superintendent’s Report – September 2023

Framework for Enhancing Student Learning (FESL)

** click here to see the full Framework Plan

Intellectual Development

A focus on Numeracy – SD60 leaders recently participated in a workshop with Ana Ver from the Ministry of Education & Child Care on a review of the numeracy curriculum and field work that is being carried out to support teachers and districts:


Human & Social Development

All staff can look on the Learning Together website to see the district’s upcoming learning opportunities —




Under the Accessible British Columbia Act, School District 60 has worked with northern school districts to create an accessibility committee and plan to help identify and remove barriers that people with disabilities face when interacting with our organization in their day-to-day lives.

As part of the three year plan we are seeking your feedback on the plan, what we do well to remove barriers, and where can we do better. 


Careers & Skill Development

The Careers Department has put out its sign-up schedule for skill challenges at the elementary level.


Our Camp Cameron 2022-2023 year end report ...



Operations / HR

Our facilities and technology departments have installed and equipped the portable at Wonowon School for the middle school program.  They have done a fantastic job of putting it together.  The Key Learning Center will be supporting core course instruction supplemented by onsite instruction and support.


Professional Development Opportunities for staff …



Truth & Reconciliation


IISB Orange Shirt Day Campaign with Phyllis Webstad and Joseph Naytowhow. 

The Digital Human Library in collaboration with the International Indigenous Speakers’ Bureau are launching their #OSD10for10 Campaign.  Click on the download button below to view the poster and find out more about their Campaign:


“Take 3”

Margaret ‘Ma’ Murray Community School

Kindergarten Board Meeting on June 21, 2023

Mr. McColm brought his kindergarten class to the Board Office for a tour of the building, to meet staff and discuss their duties, and to engage in a Board Meeting.



Anne Roberts Young Elementary

Each year during the first week of school ARYES has a scavenger hunt. Classes are given a list of 18 activities to complete. Items include actions incorporated with our WE ROCK acronym, specific landmarks in the school or just fun challenges.

The school wide scavenger hunt is used to build community, familiarize students with the school (especially new students) and reinforce that WE ROCK (Welcoming, Empathetic, Respectful, Open Minded, Co-operative, Kind)!

Broyden Bennett, Principal, Anne Roberts Young Elementary


Bert Bowes Middle School

The culmination of our first week with students … every student was given a t-shirt to represent their assigned house colour to celebrate school spirit.
Theresa Hipkiss, Vice-Principal, Bert Bowes Middle School