Superintendent’s Report – March 2022

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Framework for Enhancing Student Learning (FESL)

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Intellectual Development

Voluntary Summer Institute for Teachers

  • Preparations are underway for this annual institute, which will take place August 29 – September 2, 2022 at the Board Office. 
  • This is a voluntary program which enables new and experienced teachers alike to gain professional development on a range of topics such as lesson planning and classroom management.  
  • The program is delivered by teacher coaches and administrators.

Professional Development Opportunities held on February 28th NID

Two workshops for teachers were offered by the District on the February 28th NID.  The first was a report card support session and the second was a workshop on comprehension.

Report Card Workshop Session:

Main Idea Workshop:


Human & Social Development

Partnerships with Northern Health

A team of public health nurses gave a presentation to our PAC presidents on February 22nd outlining opportunities to bring health initiatives into schools and for families.  The topics range from dental hygiene to injury prevention.  A full list of health information and topics can be found here.  

Northern BC Healthy K to 12 Schools Newsletter – Winter 2022


Career & Skill Development

Clearview Elementary Jr Secondary School is participating in the PEDAL 4 GLORY SCHOOL CHALLENGE ….

The Automotive Retailers Association (ARA), through its AutoCareersBC program, and BASF have teamed up for a new and exciting event, the Pedal 4 Glory School Challenge.  The goal of this province-wide event is to encourage youth to consider the automotive industry as a viable career choice.  Each participating school in B.C. will receive a pedal car,  a human-powered toy car, to design, modify, and paint.  Students will be also provided with mentorship and guidance from the ARA’s industry partners (BASF, Color Compass, and Craftsman Collision) throughout the project.

Providing students with a hands-on opportunity to design and manufacture a pedal car will spark their curiosity and broaden their understanding of the industry.  Not only will they learn the fundamentals of vehicle design and manufacturing, but they will also benefit from teamwork, discipline, and dedication, important skills to become successful in this industry.  A lot of fun and exploration is guaranteed too!

Once the pedal cars are completed, they will be auctioned off to help raise funds for the Automotive Retailers Foundation Inc. (ARFI), a program that offers scholarships and bursaries to individuals pursuing a career in the automotive industry.

Event sponsors   

Teacher, Mr. Giesbrecht, supervises as Grayson Giesbrecht, Wyatt Siemens and Connor Tucker work on their pedal car.
Craig Brownlee, Principal, Clearview Elementary-Jr Secondary School

Truth & Reconciliation

  • Through Innovations For Learning, SD60 is running a pilot program called Tutormate that will support up to 30 Indigenous students at Robert Ogilvie School from now until the end of June.  We will review the results and see if we can expand this in the future.  It is currently fully sponsored/funded by Enbridge.
  • Innovations for Learning programs:  High Dosage Tutoring — Specially trained Early Literacy Interventionists (ELIs) use proprietary TutorMate software to provide daily 1:1 instruction in phonics, sight word acquisition, fluency, and comprehension.  This gives high-need students more individualized instruction.
  • Virtual Volunteer Enrichment Tutoring — In the first program of its kind in Canada, we match struggling early readers from high-need communities with volunteer professionals from local and national businesses who then use our proprietary online platform to read virtually together.
  • How it works:   We provide the equipment, platform, stories, ELIs, phonics system, and ongoing training and support.  Schools provide classrooms and students. Teachers select students for TutorMate based on student reading assessments and knowledge of the child and their home circumstances, enabling a targeted approach that provides support to children of highest need.


“Take 3”

Anne Roberts Young Elementary

Reading Challenge – ARYES got into the Olympic spirit in February by hosting an Olympic size reading challenge.  Students completed as many reading activity squares as they could to receive bronze, silver or gold medal recognition.  In order to complete each challenge, students were engaged in each reading activity at home determined by their grade level.  Parents would initial their child’s completion and students would move on to the next challenge.  Leadership students then created medals for those that completed the challenge.

Winter Fun Day – On Friday, February 11, classes participated in activities both on and off school grounds throughout the day.  Activities included skating, bowling and stations set up all over the school grounds.

PAC Donation of ADST Tools – Recently our ARYES PAC (Parents Advisory Council) donated $500 worth of tools towards ADST (Applied Design, Skills & Technologies) at our school.  Our students are looking forward to using these tools right away.

Broyden Bennett, Principal, Anne Roberts Young Elementary

École Central Elementary School of the Arts

Shrek the Musical Jr. – Intermediate students had the opportunity to present Shrek the Musical Jr. under the guidance of teachers:  Mme Noémie, Mme Stephanie, Mme Isabella, Mr Helliwell and Mr Sloan.  The group spent numerous hours practicing and getting ready to present for schools and parents.  The musical was amazing and all who saw the performance enjoyed it immensely.  Thank you to the teachers for their dedication in ensuring the musical could happen.

ADST (Applied Design, Skills & Technologies) – Our students participated in an ADST session.  Each group had to make or build something on their own or with a group, such as bracelets, an egg challenge, spaghetti tower challenge and more.  Each session focused on a value, such as kindness, determination, collaboration and diversity.

Cyclone – Our PAC now has a mascot and his name is Cyclone.  He made his first appearance before Christmas to help us deliver our items to the Women’s Resource Center.

We Care . . . Mme Stephanie and Mme Janelle’s students spent an afternoon at the Heritage Care Home creating messages of love and kindness for our seniors.

Lynne Coté-Aubin, Principal, École Central Elementary

C.M. Finch Elementary

Our Signing Club is supported by Ms. Storey and Ms. Lavallee at our school.  The students learned how to sign ‘Oh Canada’, performed it and recorded it for the opening of this year’s CDC talent show.  C.M. Finch Elementary school has opened the CDC Talent show for many years.  Although this is the second year that we have had to perform virtually, it was great to continue this tradition and help support a great local cause.

Troy Lang, Principal, C.M. Finch Elementary