Superintendent’s Report – June 2022

Framework for Enhancing Student Learning (FESL)

** click here to see the full Framework Plan

Intellectual Development

Leveraging Learning with Technology

Ms. Andrews’ class at NPSS has been working on creating models using 3D printing. 

Here is an in-progress photo of a student working on a face mask.  The model is designed to be printed in pieces.  The students are learning how to best orient the pieces on the print bed, so that there are fewer supports (as when a piece is printed face-down, there are about two hours of cleaning required to remove the support material).  Angelica is having a blast learning how to print and the class is coming up with ideas for the next steps on gluing, hiding seams (with the 3D pen), and painting. 

Ms. Andrews, Teacher, North Peace Secondary School

National Robotics Competition

Two NPSS robotics teams qualified and competed in the national competition this year!   

Lucas Gill and Matthew Esau took first place in the regional competition, while Beneison Haw and Kordell Ollenberger took second place.   Click here for a video of Lucas and Matthew competing in the national competition, which was carried out virtually under very strict conditions.  They were guided by Mr. Brandt, who also serves on the national committee.

Human & Social Development

2022 Elementary Public Speaking Contest

This year’s District contest was held at Anne Roberts Young Elementary School and was organized by vice-principal, Melissa DeGroot. 

A link to the Alaska Highway News article on the event can be found here

Elementary Track & Field Meet 2022

After a two-year hiatus, the sports organizing committee – led by Robert Ogilvie Elementary and Clearview Elementary Jr Secondary schools this year – put together a wonderful track meet.  The weather was perfect and the new track was an exciting addition to this year’s event. 

We are very grateful to Curtis Whitford, the Bert Bowes administration and PAC, and to all the community sponsors who made this track possible.

Career & Skill Development

Hudson’s Hope School

Our grade 7-12’s enjoyed an awesome tour of Northwestern Polytechnic (previously known as Grande Prairie Regional College) on June 3, 2022.  They were able to visit the Indigenous Support Center, millwright classrooms, electrical trades classrooms, welding classrooms, and, of course, the student commons and academic spaces.  As a result, we have some students interested in welding and electrical.

Operations / HR

Professional Development in August

Planning and registration has begun for a number of training and professional development opportunities for staff.   One of these workshops is “Plotting Your School Year”:


Truth & Reconciliation

Bert Bowes Middle School

Laura Doyle, an Indigenous Youth Care Worker, presented an urban moosehide camp highlighting traditions and sustainability.

Below are the winners of a hand games tournament facilitated by elder David Rattray.

Jason Gill, Principal, Bert Bowes Middle School

Indigenous Education Centre

The 2nd Annual Grad Barbecue was held on June 8, 2022 at the Indigenous Education Centre. There were over 200 people in attendance and a great time was had by all!

Pat Jansen, District Principal, Indigenous Education Centre

Baldonnel Elementary

On June 6th, Baldonnel Elementary held an Indigenous Day for our school community.   Students played Indigenous hand games and other Indigenous games during the day.  Diane Barclay came and did a wrap up lesson about the Grandfather teachings for students.  We had a lunch of Bannock Tacos.  The school district dancers and drummers came.   We had a school-wide lesson about the Tipi with Dale Boissonneault. He also showed the students how to play a hand game. Thank you to Tanis Bourgeois and the staff at the Indigenous Centre for helping to make this an amazing day.

Christine Todd, Principal, Baldonnel Elementary

“Take 3”

École Central Elementary School of the Arts

Lynne Côté-Aubin, Principal, École Central Elementary School of the Arts

Taylor Elementary

Residents, parents, and teachers enjoyed an afternoon of youth creativity at Taylor Elementary on June 15th to celebrate their 10th annual Meet the Authors event.   All of the classes published a class book and all of the students contributed a story.  It was started by the late Donna-Lee Cooper (teacher) and is a tradition with red carpet and all!

This link will take you to the article published in the Alaska Highway News with more information regarding this event.

Nancy Maxfield, Principal, Taylor Elementary

Upper Halfway & Wonowon Schools

The BC Wildfire Services Fort St John Smokejumpers completed a practice jump for our Upper Halfway and Wonowon school students.  While the plane was overhead at 10:00 a.m., students, staff, parents and neighbours were able to observe twelve (12) smokejumpers parachuting down and cargo drops as well.

Following their landing and cleanup, the smokejumpers enthusiastically responded to questions and allowed the students the opportunity to see their equipment up close.

Jaclyn Gieni, Vice-Principal, Upper Halfway & Wonowon Schools