Superintendent’s Report – February 2020

Framework for Enhancing Student Learning

Intellectual Development

“Camp Read S’More” during library time with Ms Dressler at Robert Ogilvie School!

For the last couple of weeks, students have taken the great outdoors inside when it comes to their library visits! Ms Dressler had a variety of stations set up, including 2 erected tents, where students could enjoy reading in a different environment.

Human & Social Development

Richard Stock, Ph.D., BCBA-D is a PBIS-SCP Team Member. Dr. Stock is full time Faculty in the Applied Behaviour Analysis–Autism Department at Capilano University. He is also Assistant Professor at the University of Western Ontario where he teaches graduate courses in ABA and an Adjunct Professor in Special Education at the University of British Columbia. Dr. Stock has extensive experience conducting functional assessments and designing positive behaviour support plans for children and youth with autism and developmental disabilities in collaboration with families and educators. He also teaches course work in Functional Assessment and Positive Behaviour Support and provides Tier 3 training to school districts. Dr. Stock is co-investigator on a national survey of PBIS practices in schools across Canada. 

During PBIS-SCP board meetings, team members provide updates on their PBS activities in their local provinces across the country. Dr. Stock’s recent update included:

– Bi-weekly PBIS distance consultations with school teams for School District No. 60 (Peace River North)

– Three on-site PBIS consultations for Peace River North School District No. 60 (during 2019-2020 academic year)

Career & Skill Development

Nations, working in partnership with CSKATEC (a registered Canadian non-profit organization working to empower youth through community engagement) facilitated a 2 – day skateboarding camp for SD60 middle school students on January 30 and 31, 2020.  Students from both Dr. Kearney Middle School and Bert Bowes Middle School participated in the camp. Students also worked, in collaboration with SD60 Careers and Maintenance departments, to build the ramps that were used in the 2 day skateboarding camp.

Nations is comprised of a group of Indigenous professional skateboarders who work with Indigenous youth within the youths’ home communities. Nations’ focus is on empowering youth to embrace their cultural identity and self-determination through the positive impact of skateboarding.  The Nations group members are passionate about sharing their own lived experiences, imparting the importance of keeping culture and traditions relevant and the positive impact youth can have within their own communities.   

Skateboarding Video:

Achievement Updates

Operations / HR

School District No. 60 has been a major partner in the BC Winter Games! 

Here are some stats to consider…

o   7 schools are accommodation sites hosting upwards of 1500 participants for the biggest slumber party ever seen in FSJ!

o   5 school facilities are being used as sport venues offering technical fields of play and competition space

o   the North Peace Secondary cafeteria will ramp up to serve over 16,000 meals in 4 days of Games.

o   The entire SD bus fleet is used to move participants throughout the community

o   Over 300 School District No. 60 employees (over 25% of our staff) have embraced these games and filled countless volunteer hours and leadership support for Games organizers 

Truth & Reconciliation

The above new teacher resource can be found here. It includes a section at the back called “Backgrounders”.  These one-page topics give an excellent background into the history and structures of BC First Nations.  One of these documents has been attached to the public references for the board meeting.

“Take 3”

Three examples of dynamic learning and fun from around the district

Puppet Residency at Bert Ambrose School

“The Most Amazing Time!”

“They were fun!  I liked their personalities!”

“It was a blast!”

These were some of the student comments about the puppet residency with Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Ritchie.  Our primary students absolutely loved working with the puppets. It was a very full week, with storytelling, learning how to convey movement and emotion, being introduced to performance techniques, seeing how to use props, and being introduced to the magical shadow puppets.

Many thanks to Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Ritchie for sharing their knowledge and love of puppets with our students.   Thank you, too, Bert Ambrose PAC and SD 60 for your support of the residency. Mrs. Tacey

Dance Residency at Alwin Holland Elementary

Ms. Shauna Milne, from Studio 2 Stage, taught social dances to our classes. This was followed by a family dance in December. Mrs. Orcutt

Jump Rope for Heart and Valentine’s Day!

It was an exciting day at Clearview with the students skipping, sharing, tangling, and eating all sorts of great treats!  Mrs. Hartman  

Superintendent’s Report January 2020


Framework for Enhancing Student Learning

Intellectual Development

Applied Design Skills and Technologies

Applied Design, Skills and Technologies (ADST) is part of the new BC Curriculum from K-9. It is also part of the Graduation Program that commences in Grade 10; courses offered at the secondary level are more specific to particular strands such as Electronics, Culinary Arts, Tourism and Accounting to name a few areas students can select as part of their graduation program requirements. 

ADST is the ability to design, make, acquire, and apply skills and technologies. ADST is very much a hands-on learning program that provides learning opportunities for students by learning the design process; it also develops multiple skills and supports student development in the areas of problem solving, critical and creative thinking.

There are many other terms that are commonly found that are connected to the ADST curriculum including Maker Spaces and STEM.  Maker spaces are locations within schools where students can make, learn and explore and share ideas using varied tools from high tech to no tech tools.  STEM explores four specific areas including Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in an interdisciplinary manner. Both Maker Spaces and STEM correlate well with the ADST curriculum as they all provide focus on an inter-disciplinary, cross-curricular approach that embeds design thinking.

Please click here for a slide deck that gives an overview of our ADST programs.

Graphic Design:  Bert Ambrose – Mrs. London’s grade 5/6 class:  

“After our success at making Remembrance Day decorations for Fort St. John Advertising & Promotion Inc, we were asked to make Christmas decorations.  The students had to do a lot more planning this time, drawing windows to scale, selecting a theme, and planning their layouts. Everyone worked collaboratively with their groups and they were very proud of their designs. … each group got a chance to present their window design and explain how they wanted it to be installed.” Mrs. London

BAA Course Approvals:  Art Activism 10, 11, 12

Course Synopsis:

Art activists do more than create art that is visually appealing, rather they strive to change the world around them for the better through their artwork, promoting awareness and making a difference. In this course, students will take a stand for a social issue that is relevant to our community and work to facilitate change through art. Each year, we will investigate a local and/or global issue and create large scale artworks to sell, both within the school and the greater community with the goal of fundraising for the chosen cause, where appropriate to context.

Human & Social Development

Our Social Emotional Learning teacher, Cindy McGarroch, works with school-based teams to help develop programs, structures and activities that support positive school culture.  One such event is the upcoming “Great Kindness Challenge”. The link to information on this and other district-wide events and programs can be found on the SEL Blog.  

New Health and Wellness Website

We are proud to announce the launch of our staff Health and Wellness website!  This website contains information on employee benefits, staff discounts, our Employee and Family Assistance Program, and many more resources for Health and Wellness.

Career & Skill Development

School District 60 is proud to be one of two Chapters of Makers Making Change in British Columbia.  Zee Kesler from Makers Making Change was in town to help facilitate the first build event for the chapter.

Prior to the event, Brant Churchill, Jen Andrews and Kyle Drew, 3D printed the material needed to construct the switches and the ball pen holder.

Brant Churchill’s Physics 12 class participated in the morning build event with members of Learning Services and the Association of Community Living. The Grade 12 students remained at Duncan Cran Elementary for the afternoon to give a lesson in soldering to the teachers (Elementary ADST Representatives)  and build the assistive devices. See a time lapse video here.

Achievement Updates

** we have been making progress in overall completion rates but have work to do with achievement results for boys, especially in our indigenous population.


Parents are encouraged to register their children at their catchment area school as soon as possible.  This information is critical to our planning for next school year.

More information can be found on the district website:

Truth & Reconciliation

The new teacher resource can be found here. It includes a section at the back called “Backgrounders”.  These one-page topics give an excellent background into the history and structures of BC First Nations.  One of these documents has been attached to the public references for the board meeting.

“Take 3”

Three examples of dynamic learning and fun from around the district

Tower garden at Taylor Elementary School

“We have been learning about the basic needs of living things, parts of plants, seasonal and weather changes, and First Peoples’ use of plants.  About 2 months ago, we planted seeds in our Tower Garden. We have been making daily observations and noting the growth of our plants. Today, in the middle of a snowstorm, we were able to harvest a variety of lettuce, arugula, kale, chives, and dill.  The students took turns washing and cutting the vegetables. We also made a dressing using the fresh dill and chives. We added carrots, cucumbers, and tomatoes to our salad.

At snack time, we shared our salad. The students were excited to eat the salad and are looking forward to seeing what else will grow (we also planted bok choy, cucumber, tomatoes, green beans, Swiss chard, rainbow chard, and lavender).”   Mrs. Taillefer, Kindergarten Class.

“North Peace Secondary School is proud to state that the Musical Theatre class successfully produced the timeless classic Grease with over 80 students! Under the direction of Emry Mika and Nadine Aulin, over 60 students united to dance in large choreographed numbers, sing rich harmonies and ultimately, perform together. The elaborate set and iconic car was built under the direction of Nick Everett with over 20 stagecraft crew; they worked tirelessly to keep everyone and everything together- a little duct tape goes a long way. 

Every year NPSS tasks a musical production that it has been proud of. In recent years the number of students joining both theatre and crew has grown to the point where a Stage Craft class was introduced to the program this year again. It is quite exciting to watch this program thrive and with that development bring more arts classes, such as dance and choir, to our already booming arts community at NPSS”  Mr. Pauls, Principal

Collecting boughs to make Christmas Wreaths at Upper Halfway School.

“Here is Head teacher Stevie Frempong at UH gathering materials for Christmas wreaths with the K-2 class. Also pictured is our new EA and bus driver Rudi Messerschmidt.” 

Mr Bell, Director of Instruction

December Report

Framework for Enhancing Student Learning

Intellectual Development

Curriculum With Technology (CWT):  Please click on the link here to view student examples and short movie clips.  The program has evolved to support not only improved quantity and quality of writing but also many other curriculum areas.  It is a 1:1 iPad program for grade 6 students across the district and has been instrumental in implementing the Universal Design For Learning framework.

Hudson’s Hope Science Fair:  “Our School Science Fair was once again a fantastic event.  It is truly amazing to watch our grade three to six students share their projects with their peers, parents, and judges.  I greatly enjoy observing how each child’s confidence grows as they present to different audiences.  A big thank you to our teachers and support staff for their guidance, and of course to parents for supporting your child(ren).  We had a great turnout of parents, relatives, and community members to our Fair! Also a big thank you to our many volunteer judges”.  Derrek Beam – Principal.  Further information can be found on the school website.

Human & Social Development

Here is a Courage/Bravery board from Taylor Elementary School.  Students in all classes have been discussing what it means to be brave and coming up with examples that are posted on the tree.  The bear comes from the Indigenous Seven Guiding Principles common in many communities.  In addition to the board, teachers integrate the topics into writing activities.

Career & Skill Development

Please see the attached NOP Skills Training Support Agreement – Final 2018-19. This is a report that summarizes how career education and trades training programs are supported by industry, district and ministry funding.  The report includes information from the neighbouring districts of Fort Nelson and Dawson Creek.


The construction on Anne Roberts Young Elementary School is proceeding full steam ahead.  There are many multi-use and shared spaces that will be part of this project.  Please see the attached memo that describes these spaces and partnerships.

“Take 3”

This section is dedicated to three great activities or events that have taken place over the last month around the district.

This is a picture of a Bert Ambrose student taking part in the Equine Assisted Learning project.  This program supports students with behavioral challenges and is a cooperative effort with the Indigenous Education Centre.

“A really cool event at Upper Pine – Wheelchair basketball with parents and teachers versus students. Our student teacher (who is personally in a wheelchair) brought them in as a way to introduce students to the challenges faced by a person in a wheelchair and how that does not need to stop you from participating in every day school events. A video was made by the teacher as the students were playing, the students are now creating their own inclusion videos”. Mrs Braun.

This is an Artist in Residence program at Charlie Lake Elementary School.  Local artist Mrs Haugen workshopped students in the art of Print-Making.

Truth & Reconciliation

Administrators learning about local Indigenous history with Sandra Apsassin.  This is part of an ongoing effort to learn more about the local history and look ahead to constructive and respectful partnerships.

Achievement Updates

Graduation Rates For SD60

Student Learning Survey 2018-19:  Grade 12 students:  Are you satisfied that school is preparing you for a job in the future?